Peter brings 40 years of experience in building award-winning creative for clients large and small. His broad background working in agencies from San Francisco, New York to Los Angeles has spanned the gamut from advertising, branding, packaging, entertainment marketing and corporate communications. A well-considered strategic approach derived from this extensive background is integral to Peter’s leading the way to deliver fresh, award-winning creative thinking. Beyond this Peter strives to make a difference in every project by tapping into the world which drives human experience and discussion, utilizing emotion to create advertising and branding that does more than look good: it connects with people.

For the past 25 years Peter has focused his energy on the  founding of and building BIRD. With his long time partner Tabitha De La Torre, BIRD became a unique multi interdisciplinary agency that offered clients a unique bespoke experience and fostered a dynamic group of creatives that was deeply collaborative. As CEO and Executive Creative Director Peter guided BIRD to a consistent record of success for his clients and his team.

Peter’s work has been published in the 100 Show, Graphis, Print, and AdAge and he has won numerous awards in both advertising and design and has been shown at the Cooper Hewitt/Smithsonian Design Museum in New York. His passion for creative endeavors is matched only by his passion for adventure in the great outdoors and all things two wheeled.